Monday, January 23, 2012

There's Been A Horrible Accident!

My good friend Lynnette was born without a left arm below the elbow. She believes her mother took Thalidomide, a sedative used by pregnant women in the 1950's to treat morning sickness that was later blamed on birth defects such as Lynnette's. Having never known what it's like to have two arms or hands, Lynnette does everything any two-armed person can do. One of her many hobbies is to buy and refurbish old Scamp-type campers. I tell her she's always "busy as a one-armed camper restorer. Oh, that's right, you ARE a one-armed camper restorer!"

A couple weeks ago we were at an RVing Women Rally at Highlands Hammock State Park and she was showing me that her clock had broken. I took a picture of it and sent a text to a mutual friend saying, "There's been a horrible accident! Lynnette lost her second hand!" While our friend was initially panicked at reading the text, she laughed when she saw the picture. Technically, though, it wouldn't have been Lynnie's "second" hand, since she's only ever had one. She says if she talks to you in sign language, you only get half the story.

Attitude is everything.

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