Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cool It!

In my eternal quest to find products that suit my RV living, I am happy to report I have found yet another handy item.

I have to defrost the freezer in my tiny refrigerator every couple of months or so. It takes several hours to do this, between the actual defrosting and then the re-cooling of the fridge, so I have to put my food items on ice. Having a regular cooler, even a light styrofoam one, isn't a great solution because it takes up too much space when I'm not using it. I needed something large enough and sturdy enough to hold my food items, yet collapsible so it can be tucked out of the way when I'm done.

I found this Coleman Collapsible Cooler at Amazon and it works great. It's plenty large enough to hold all my food items plus a bag of ice to keep things cold. It has a collapsible insert that unfolds to support the bottom and sides. The cover zips closed with two zippers. It even has a hatch in the top with a velcro closing so I can access things inside without unzipping the whole cover. It was a bit pricey: just under $50 with shipping. But as we RVers all know, sometimes these specialty items are a bit more expensive, but can definitely be worth it. As it is, this cooler resides in the trunk of my car when I'm not using it. It folds flat so it takes up very little space and adds virtually no weight. It kept my food cold with minimal ice melting and no leakage whatsoever. It's a winner for me.

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  1. Excellent find and you're right, space saving, low eight stuff is a great thing and worth the price.