Thursday, January 19, 2012

Always Doing It My Way

When I bought my Pleasure-Way RV in July, 2009 I knew right away what I wanted to name her: My Way. It's a play on the brand name plus a nod to the song of the same name. I've always liked that song because it pretty much is "me". Right or wrong, good or bad, like it or not, everyone who knows me knows I live my life my way, exactly the way the song says. And yes, just as the song says, I've made mistakes along the way, but they have been (and continue to be) MY mistakes and I'll own up to them every time.

I've wanted to get a name tag for the front of the van for a long time, but never quite got around to it. Last weekend I was at the flea market and found a booth that made the tags, so I finally got one. I think it looks pretty sharp.

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