Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Travasak Sleep System

I have broken my back making my bed for the last time. Every week for the last two months I have crawled over my bed and fought with the fitted sheet and the mattress. Even getting at the back corners from outside via the back door was torturous. And forget about actually making the bed during the day, so my home pretty much looked like a disaster (by my standards). I finally gave in and bought a Travasak Sleep System.

It's basically a sleeping bag, but a more high-tech version of one. It's made up of two comforters, one a heavier winter weight and the other a lighter summer weight. In cooler weather you put the summer comforter on the bottom and the winter one on top and when the weather warms up you flip the sack around. These two comforters have zippers on three sides so you can zip them up to create a sack or zip them completely apart for washing or zip them anywhere in-between. On the inside of each comforter, along each side, are continuous strips of velcro which are used to attach the one long flat sheet of the system to the insides of each comforter. This velcro holds the sheet in place while you're sleeping in the sack, but makes it very easy to remove the sheet for washing. I bought the twin size (42" x 80") and the blue matches my quilt perfectly. At $125, it's a pricey sleeping bag, but I like the entire system. I washed all the components yesterday and they all washed and dried nicely (the instructions say to line dry the comforters and just fluff them on Air for 10 minutes, but I actually dried mine on Delicate for 45 minutes and they came out fine). I had plenty of room to sleep in the sack with the sides zipped up and when I got too warm overnight it was easy to unzip one side and throw the cover back.

Now what I've done is I have the bed made up with just the quilt over the mattress and topper and use the bed as a sofa for seating during the day. At night I'll just unroll the Travasak and slip right in to sleep. In the morning I let the Travasak air out a bit and then roll it up and use it as a bolster on the sofa. A nice, neat home and no more broken back.


  1. Interesting system. Sounds much easier to make the bed especially in tight quarters.

  2. We have had the travasak system for a couple of years now and don't know how we ever got along without it. Do you know where we can buy pair sheets? It would be nice to have an extra set so I didn't have to wash the same day every time.
    Thank you,
    T-Girl Travels

  3. I believe the company that makes Travasak went out of business. At any rate, I don't believe you can buy anything brand new re: Travasak. I'd suggest doing a Google search on Travasak and seeing what comes up. Also, you could check with some online RV clubs. Sometimes members have things like that for sale.

    Thanks for reading and commenting :)