Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Laundry Day

Today I did my laundry at a different laundromat. The laundromat here at my park has all front load washers and frankly, I just don't believe they get clothes as clean as the top load washers. I know, I know, the front loaders are "greener". I don't care, I want clean clothes.

I think one of the smartest things I do is to hang my uniforms from the handles of the storage bins at the front of my rig. This way they stay clean and out of the way. I also make good use of space by having a shoe bag hanging on the outside of the closet door and I use the pockets to hold washcloths and underclothes. I have way too many washcloths (and probably way too many panties), but those are holdovers from my roomier apartment days. As they become worn, I'll turn them into rags and stow them in the back of the rig or in the shed. The washcloths, I mean. The worn panties get tossed :)

As I spend more time living in My Way, I'm finding that although I have downsized quite a bit, I still have a lot of things I could probably do without. I'm going slowly, though, realizing that until I've done this for one full year, I won't really know what I do and do not need.


  1. I always loved my front loader. Here's what Consumer Reports says:

    Before you buy a new washer, learn about the different types of washing machines on the market. While one type of washer might have features that appeal to you, it might not fit your budget or your lifestyle.
    Regular top-loading washers
    Regular top-loading washer

    These models fill their tubs with water, and an agitator swirls the laundry.

    Pros:Regular top-loaders are the least expensive overall. Loading these models or adding items in mid-cycle is easier than in machines without an agitator.
    Cons:They performed least impressively as a group. They hold only about 12 to 16 pounds of laundry and use the most water. Most are relatively noisy, and their loads can become unbalanced.

    Unconventional top-loading washers
    Unconventional top-loading washer

    These use a variety of methods to lift and tumble the laundry. They fill only partly, so they use less water, and they spin at very high speeds. They work best with low-foaming, high-efficiency detergent.

    Pros:Some high-efficiency top-loaders hold more laundry than regular top-loaders (up to 20 pounds) and they typically wash better. The high spin speed reduces drying time—and, thus, energy consumption.
    Cons:The high-speed spin can tangle and wrinkle clothing.

    Front-loading washers
    Front-loading washer

    These also fill only partly with water. They clean clothes by lifting them to the top of the tub and dropping them back into the water. They work best with low-foaming, high-efficiency detergent.

    Pros:The best front-loaders clean better and more efficiently than the best high-efficiency top-loaders, without necessarily costing more. Most can handle a 12- to 20-pound load. Better moisture extraction in the spin cycle reduces drying time and energy consumption. As a group, front-loaders tend to be very quiet (as are some top-loaders). Many can be stacked with a dryer to save floor space.
    Cons:A front-loader's high spin speeds might vibrate too much in living areas.

    Space-saving washers
    Space-saving washer

    These compact models are typically 24 inches wide or less, compared with 27 inches for full-sized models.

    Pros:You can store some compacts in a closet and roll them out to the kitchen sink for water. And you can stack space-saving front-loaders and dryers.
    Cons:Space-savers can handle only an 8- to-12-pound load.

  2. Garret, you're the best :) You are nothing if not thorough in your research and reporting. I know Consumer Reports and others all say front load washers do a better job of washing, but to me they are just like beating the clothes against a rock versus soaking and agitating the clothes in a tub of soapy water. I swear my whites were whiter yesterday when I took them out of the top loader compared to how they have looked when I've taken them out of the front loaders in recent weeks. I bought a front loader several years ago when I was living in a house and I just never fell in love with it and the job it did.