Monday, December 30, 2013

Work, Sleep, Repeat

I'm a registered nurse and I used to be on the float team at a large hospital in Tampa. The parking situation for an RV wasn't ideal and it was only 11 miles from my homesite so I drove my car back and forth each day. Earlier this year, our newer, smaller hospital (same corporation) decided to start a float team and offered me the job (they only have one float nurse per shift and I'm it at night). This hospital is only about 15 miles from my homesite, but because the drive is through more rural areas, it can take me 30 minutes each way. That's an additional hour each day to my already long 13-hour days (nights). When the weather finally cooled off, I asked our head of security if I could park my RV in the parking lot during the day and sleep, then just come in to work at night. He did me one better and told me the perfect place to park during the days - in a quiet section of the parking lot next to the retention pond. So at night I park in the gated, patrolled employee parking lot and during the day I drive around the hospital to the back and spend the day there. It's actually quieter there than at my homesite: no talking people or barking dogs around during the day, interrupting my sleep.

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