Monday, December 16, 2013

Some Basics

First of all, I love living in my RV. I love the small space, the challenges of making it all work, the freedom of unplugging and going wherever I want and then having a home site to come back to. And I do love my home site. It's in a lovely gated RV resort in Tampa, I have great neighbors, and my site has a nice shade tree.
I am also one of the many fans of the Pleasure Way Class B RV. My first RV was a Pleasure Way and the quality and service are above and beyond, up there with Born Free and other very high-end manufacturers. At first I wasn't sure I wanted an RV on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis, but the more I looked at them and thought about it, the more I was swayed in that direction. And now that I have one, I am so pleased with my decision.
My RV is 23 feet long and eight feet wide. It drives like a dream and I get about 18 mpg on diesel fuel. Although this van doesn't have the same amount of outdoor storage I had on the Dodge van, believe you me I carry plenty of stuff in the under-sofa storage accessible via the back doors. I keep dirty outdoor items, like the power cord, in a plastic storage bin. The storage stretches toward the front, with access via a drop door under the sofa, so I can keep indoor items, like papers, videos, etc. under there, as well.

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  1. Beautiful interior. Is it larger/smaller or same as compared to your previous?