Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sitting Pretty

One of the things I really like about my new Pleasure Way Plateau TS is the electric sofa. It's in the back of the van and sits across the width of the van. With the press of a button the seat moves forward, the back folds down and I can go from having a seating area to a bed and back again. In my old RV, the sofa was NOT electric and I just kept it folded out permanently into a twin-sized bed. With this electric sofa, I have a bed when I want to sleep and a seating area when I want to sit.
The table in front of the sofa is removable, of course, and I do not use it where it is in the above picture. Instead, I turn the tabletop upside down and keep it on the seat next to the sofa, as it is in the picture below. That way it becomes a bedside table and isn't in the way.
The upholstery is ivory ultra leather and while it is beautiful, I knew it wouldn't stay beautiful unless I covered it. So when I have it in sofa position, I keep a pretty bed quilt over it as a slipcover. I think it looks nice and because the quilt is cotton, it's comfortable to sit on.

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