Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hobbit House

Whew, so a lot has happened in six months. I was living in My Way, my Pleasure-Way Class B RV and things were going great. Then one day I came home from work to find my little tin can infested with little piss ants. Yeah, little black ants just crawling everywhere. The site I was on had a history of ants and although I had blasted the site with two huge bags of ant killer, the ants won. So I moved to a different, temporary site and started to look for a better, permanent site, still in the same RV resort.

As I was chatting with the gals at the RV park office, I told them what I really wanted was the cute little green trailer in the center of the park, the one under the beautiful live oak trees. One of the gals, Karen, said, "That's MY place." I said, "Oh, it's so cute! I just covet it." She said, "I'm selling it." "Get out!" I screamed. "No, seriously, I'm selling it and moving to Arizona," she replied. That was in July. Well, I immediately went to see the inside of the trailer and we shook on the deal that very night. I moved into my little Hobbit House, as I call it, in early August.

I would have continued to stay in My Way and would have been perfectly fine, but buying the Hobbit House was a deal I could not pass up. Now I have a real couch, a real kitchen, a real refrigerator, a real shower and a real bed. Since I'm not planning on leaving Tampa any time soon, it just makes more sense for me to have a more permanent place. I paid cash (an incredibly small amount of cash) for the trailer and still pay just $250 a month site rent. I still park My Way and my Saturn right on the same lot, so I can easily take off in either vehicle whenever I want. And I have great neighbors. Although I only moved two streets over in the same RV resort, now that I'm in the permanent section, I've been accepted as a "homeowner" rather than a more transient "snowbird", even though I considered myself permanent before.

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