Monday, September 27, 2010

Ex-Wives' Club

So, I'm friends with my ex-husband's second ex-wife. Yeah, you read that right. I'm number one, as I always should be, and Regina is number two. We lost track of number three or we would have definitely had t-shirts made up. Brucie-pooh is working on number four last I heard, but it's really not about him, now, is it?

About nine years ago, when I had just moved to Wisconsin from Las Vegas (THAT'S a whole 'nother story), I got a letter from a woman who said she needed my help. She said she was Bruce's wife and they were getting a divorce and he was trying to take their child from her. She said I was the only other woman in the world who knew what it was like to be married to Bruce and would I help her. I did write a letter to the courts on behalf of the child, but I'm not sure it did any good. It did, however, piss off Bruce, so it wasn't a complete lost cause.

Anyway, Regina and I stayed in touch and actually met in person a few years ago when she came to Ft. Myers, FL, to visit her parents. Earlier this year, she and their son came to Florida for a visit and we got together again. The boy thinks I'm just a friend of his mother's who she knows from Florida. He knows I'm familiar with his father but doesn't know I was once married to him. He's only 10, it's not important now and probably never will be. He's a sweet boy. Regina, her parents and I all agree that the best thing to come out of her marriage to Bruce is their son. Since my divorce from Bruce sent him on his way to Regina, we also agree that their son is the best thing to come out of MY marriage to Bruce, as well.

Oh, as for my butch hair cut, no, I'm not a lesbian. I can just pass for one.


  1. Ahhhh Fort Myers, home to my parents (behind the Bell Tower) as well as other family and friends.

    Oh, and the haircut? Wassup butch?

  2. Bitch meet Butch. Butch, Bitch. Bitch, Butch.