Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Let's Look at the Numbers

I mentioned in my previous post that my monthly costs would be cut by 66%. Let me put that in real numbers. I currently pay $775 per month for a 550-square-foot apartment in South Tampa. I have a great view of the Port of Tampa and get to see lots of big ships come and go. I'm a boat nerd and this is why I took this apartment. It's on the third floor and there is no elevator so I do get a workout every time I leave or come home, especially if I'm carrying something.

On top of the rent I pay for my water, sewer and garbage on a monthly basis. This comes to about $35 each month for a monthly base housing expense of $810. Compare this to a monthly RV site rent of $285, including the water, sewer and garbage. That right there is a savings of $525 or 65%. I'm sure my electric bill will be much less since I'll be heating/cooling much less space. My laundry costs will be approximately the same since both locations have similarly priced laundry facilities. Of course, being closer to my mother's house may mean I will do more laundry there, so I could see a savings overall.

I haven't yet nailed down my cable and internet options. I may go with just the Winegard antenna and a new digital TV and forego cable or satellite TV completely. I don't think I'll miss it as I don't watch that many different channels to begin with. Even if I go with DirectTV I could get by with the current $29.99 offer versus the higher-priced BrightHouse cable. As for internet, I'm looking at the Verizon Myfi so I can have portable internet access while traveling. That would be $60 a month, so even if I do that and DirectTV I'll still be spending the same as I do right now.

I will have a slight increase in driving costs since I will be living 16 miles from work versus just six. The upside is the drive will be more highway driving and less stop-and-go, as it is now. I think my drive time increase will be minimal and well worth the effort when I get home at the end of the day and can enjoy that cigar and adult beverage I mentioned in my previous post.

So while I can afford to continue to live in my current apartment, when I consider all the other plusses of living in my motorhome, I have to wonder what I'm paying 66% more for? The view? Yes, I have to admit, I will miss my view and the wow! factor I experience every time a huge ship lumbers past my living room windows. But then I think, gee, in my RV, I can go park almost anywhere I want and enjoy whatever view I choose. I can even come back here to Davis Islands, park right on the street next to the channel and still watch the ships from the comfort of my (smaller) living room.

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  1. I've heard that with a good antenna the digital airwaves offer many channels. If you don't watch TV too often you can also get Netflix and even watch movies online. There's a lot of entertainment possibilities. Either way the savings and thrill of your new lifestyle will surely enable you to do grand things later in life - like a European cruise or something.