Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Did I Mention the Cat?

Oh, yeah, in addition to squeezing myself into my Class B motorhome full time, I also have a cat, Eddie, who will be making it his new full time home. Now, Eddie loves the RV. He thinks I bought it for him and I'm just his driver. He likes to look out the windows while we're on the road and he absolutely loves relaxing in it when we're stopped. The picture above is Eddie spread eagle in the dashboard window at a campground.

His litter box is a great concept. It's a top entry unit, which means when he kicks around the litter it doesn't get kicked out of the box itself. Sure, he still tracks a little when he leaves, but that's what dust busters are for. I can put the box up front in the passenger side foot well, behind the passenger seat which I leave permanently turned around to use as an easy chair when I'm stopped. It's accessible for him and out of my way, both visually and physically. I'm fastidious about cleaning it and throwing out my household garbage daily, so my RV is probably cleaner than most people's homes.

I will admit that traveling, heck living, with a cat involves more thought and more work. I have to always consider the temperature much more so when he's with me. I can't just park the rig and go away in the dead of summer here in Florida without leaving the a/c running. That means I either have to be hooked up to electric or be running the generator. And he does like to prowl around in the middle of the night and in the smaller space of the RV, that's much more noticeable. I was thinking this just last weekend when we were at an RVing Women rally over in Mims, FL. As I was telling Eddie to please stop running around and please go to sleep at 3 am, I thought how much quieter it would be without him. And then I thought how it would be TOO quiet and how much I would miss his company. I suppose it's like anyone you love, you overlook their faults and focus on the positives they bring into your life. If I didn't already have a cat, I sure wouldn't go looking for one now. But since I already have Eddie, I cannot imagine my life, or my RV, without him.


  1. Pets... Uh, as you know I have 3. A small dog and 2 cats who don't get along. Luckily, we're in a 37 foot so we have the room. You? You're nuts in that Class B! Yeah, I know it's a trial thing.

  2. Oh, Garret, I've been called "nuts" so many times in my life :) This is just another adventure for me.

    I belong to RVing Women and the FL chapter has monthly rallies so I'm off with them on a pretty regular basis. And then there are my own personal wanderings, so the B will be much easier to pack up and move as often as I do. It's also much stealthier than anything larger and I like that.

    Have you two been to the Ringling Estate in Sarasota? I'm sure you have. If you haven't you must go and make sure you see the Tibbals miniature circus. It is AMAZING! I love the entire place, but my step-father built model ships from scratch so I really enjoyed Mr. Tibbals' work. I saw on your blog that you went to a toy museum and that's why I think you'd appreciate the miniature circus.

  3. Thanks for changing the comment form!

    I've never been to Ringling Museum. Funny, sometimes we don't go see stuff in our own backyard. Thanks for the tip.